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Thursday 16th March, 2023


” But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. For if these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ 2 Peter 2:5-8 (NKJV).
Before the season to bearing fruits, there maybe a season of storm. As a branch, you need to hang on to the vine.
You may see other branches bearing fruits, whiles you are also receiving the same amount of nutrients from the vine. And this may stir some level of frustration and anxiety, especially when there is no understanding of how things work.
The experiential knowledge of God’s work, enables you to supply God’s restraining force. This then makes it possible for you to exercise perseverance in the face of adversity.
You will not be in haste to prove yourself or to bear fruits.
Understand that fruit bearing is a matter of expression. And when you grow deep in this knowledge of God’s work, you demonstrate “patience-endurance”.
Your desires and appetites are already under the influence of God’s power. Therefore you easily remain resolute and maintain an undisturbed composure.
Jesus didn’t just exercise self-control to the end, He also persevered. The heart of endurance is the focus of glory.
Our Lord Jesus pressed on to the end because He kept His eyes on the goal.
Having self control is great, yet you must persevere, till you manifest the results.
Perseverance is a product of tested faith.
Don’t throw in the towel when you are confronted by huge challenges. The more challenges persist, the more you also persist.
“Tough times never last, tough people do” Robert Schuller.
You are built more and more into maturity as you practice perseverance in the face of challenges.
“Knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing” James 1:3-4 (NKJV).
You practice perseverance through the joy of the Spirit (James 1:2)
In Acts 5, we see how the apostles, led by Peter were bearing great Kingdom fruits. They worked great signs and wonders, sick people and those tormented by unclean spirits were healed in the streets and believers were increasingly added to the Lord in their multitudes. ( see verses, 12-16).
These were glorious times. There was so much supply of the Power of the Holy Spirit.
Then the high priest and his council, laid their hands on the apostles, put them into prison.
These apostles were taken out by an angel of the Lord. And yet they continued to preach in the temple as they were instructed.
They could have decided to leave for the sake of their lives. But because they are yielded to the restraining force of the Spirit, their desire is what the Lord wants them to do.
They were arrested again, beaten and warned or commanded not to preach the name of the Lord.
Beloved see the reaction of the apostles?
“So they brought the apostles back in and had them severely beaten. They ordered them never again to speak in the name of Jesus and then let them go.
The apostles left there rejoicing, thrilled that God had considered them worthy to suffer disgrace for the name of Jesus. And nothing stopped them! They kept preaching every day in the temple courts and went from house to house, preaching the gospel of Jesus, God’s Anointed One!” Acts 5:40-42 (TPT).
This is the meaning of PERSEVERANCE!!!
This is the meaning of UNDISTURBED COMPOSURE.
Beloved we are not of they that draw back. God is pleased with us, as we persevere and refuse to draw back. (Hebrews 10:38)
No persecution should be enough to stop you. Don’t allow the success of others make you think you have failed. Continue in doing what the Lord has instructed you to do.
Don’t stop here, neither should you turn to the left nor to the right; KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOAL.
Let these words of Paul (the apostle) to Timothy, be your words to yourself:
“The confidence of my calling enables me to overcome every difficulty without shame, for I have an intimate revelation of this God. And my faith in him convinces me that he is more than able to keep all that I’ve placed in his hands safe and secure until the fullness of his appearing” 2 Timothy 1:12 (TPT).
 (Acts 5:12-42; 1 Peter 4:12-19; James 1:2-4; Romans 5:3-5)
That the Lord shall strengthen us more and more that we may remain resolute to boldly endure the pressures of this world.
Day 43: Leviticus 21-24
– I have divine capacity.
-I refuse to stagger.
-I endure to the end.
-I don’t fret nor faint.
-I maintain an undisturbed composure.
-I have the grace to persevere in the midst of opposition.

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Prince Semanu
Prince Semanu
1 year ago

Ooo glory to God I maintain an undisturbed composure….
I peservere in the midst of challenges and oppositions

Emmanuel Opoku
Emmanuel Opoku
1 year ago

Perseverance is a product of tested faith.. Hallelujah!

I don’t throw in the towel. I keep the goal in focus.

Thank you Lord Jesus!

Andrews Kofi Sarpong
Andrews Kofi Sarpong
1 year ago

I maintain an undisturbed composure. I am patient in times of testing and joyful so that when the glory of the lord is revealed, there will be more joy.

Samuel Nfodzo
Samuel Nfodzo
1 year ago

I maintain an undisturbed composure. I have the grace to persevere in the midst of opposition.

Gbadegbe Mary Bumbede
Gbadegbe Mary Bumbede
1 year ago

Thank you Lord Jesus
I don’t draw back
Undisturbed composure

1 year ago


I maintain an undisturbed composure in the face if adversity.

Thank You Lord Jesus

Ransford Addai
Ransford Addai
1 year ago

Thank You Lord Jesus… I don’t stop here … I persevere .

1 year ago

Undisturbed Composure! I joy and glory in perseverance! My eyes are set on the Glory! Hallelujah

Nkrumah Sarkodie Charles

In the midst of opposition, I persevere.
I don’t fret nor faint, in the name of Jesus!

Vincent Mensah
Vincent Mensah
1 year ago

Oh glory to Jesus. I am confident of this very thing, that HE who has started a good work in me would surely complete it.

I do not draw back, I persevere unto the very end.

1 year ago

No Persecution is enough to Stop me. I KEEP MY EYES ON THE GOAL.

Wisdom Elvis
Wisdom Elvis
4 months ago

I have the grace to persevere in the midst of opposition.

Wisdom Elvis
Wisdom Elvis
4 months ago

I don’t fret nor faint.

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