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Friday 14th July, 2023


And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever John 14:16 (ESV)
Isn’t it sad to find out that, saints in Christ, think that they don’t have anyone to help them?
Beloved, when you became born again, you received the Holy Spirit. The Lord gave us the Holy Spirit to be our eternal companion. He is your greatest helper and partner.
The Holy Spirit is not a thing; He is a person.
There are people when they think of the Holy Spirit, they imagine a bird, or a wind or fire. He is not a wind, He is not a bird neither is He fire.
These items are used as descriptions of His function. They don’t define His person. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God. To imagine how He is, you must imagine How God is, for He is God. The picture of Jesus, is the picture of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the person of the Godhead who dwells in you and is also with you at the same time.
He is the embodiment and the supply of divine ability, which is the anointing and the power of God. All that is in God is supplied to you by the Holy Spirit. There is nothing you receive of God without the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit you cannot experience the abiding and manifested presence of God.
He makes your companionship with God a palpable reality.
The thing is, without Him you can do nothing.
Engage Him, fellowship with Him and make Him your best companion. Don’t go a day without having intense fellowship with Him.
The Holy Spirit will make something beautiful out of your life; be conscious of His presence in your life.

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(John 7:39; John 14:26; John 15:26; John 16:7; John 4:14; Romans 8:26)
– Thanking the Lord for indwelling us through the Holy Spirit.
– That by the wisdom of God’s Word we shall make the most of our relationship with the Holy Spirit.
Day 160: Job 1-3
– I have a deep relationship with God. I am deeply connected to God.
– The Lord indwells me through the Holy Spirit.
– I have an intimate relationship with God. I am the Lord’s favorite.
– My relationship with the Lord through the Holy Spirit is getting deeper by the day.
– The Holy Spirit is strongly at work in Him. I have the ability to fellowship with God.
– I am not ordinary. God lives in me through the Holy Spirit.

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Emmanuel Nanor
11 months ago

The holy spirit is not a bird neither is it fire rather those are forms in which the holy spirit manifest
The holy spirit is a person and he is in me and with me
Jesus dwells right inside of me through the holy spirit
Oh! Thank you lord Jesus
You didn’t live us as orphans but rather you gave us your spirit which is you your self programmed into us and with us
I can’t be ordinary because God lives inside of me through the holy spirit
Glory to God

Sarah Amegavie
Sarah Amegavie
11 months ago

Gloreeeeyyy. The Holy Spiritbis in me and with me. This message was so timely for me personally

Ahortor Emelia
Ahortor Emelia
11 months ago

Thank you Lord Jesus
God lives in me through the Holy Spirit.

Simon Dotse
Simon Dotse
11 months ago

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this solid word. The word I needed for the right time. Through today’s machaira, I have learned that the Holy Spirit is a person and not a wind or fire, or bird but a COMPANION( PERSON).

Samiratu Sulley
Samiratu Sulley
11 months ago

I commune and fellowship with the HolySpirit always. He is my best companion.
Hallelujah ????

Emmanuel Opoku
Emmanuel Opoku
11 months ago

Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit, my eternal companion.

Juliet Yeboah Appiah
Juliet Yeboah Appiah
11 months ago

The Holy Spirit is a person. He is in me. He is my eternal companion. My partner forever. My best friend. I am His house. I carry God. Thank You Jesus

10 months ago

I am not alone forever
I Carry the HOLY Ghost


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